Minnesota born and Pennsylvania raised, design has always played a significant role throughout my life. Raised on Star Wars, Legos, K'nex, G.I. Joe figurines, notebook doodles, family camping trips, an older sister, skateboarding, snowboarding, and an inspirational graphic designer in the family, I knew I wanted to become a graphic artist. I started my design career at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania focusing on vast arrays of print design. My interest spanned from corporate identity and package design, to all aspects of advertisement design. After reaching my fourth year of college and obtaining a concentration in both advertisement and graphic design, I still felt hungry for more. I decided to stay another semester to obtain a better insight into web design. When it was all said and done, I finished my long-lived college career with a third concentration in Interactive Design.

Towards the final days of my professional student career, I was nominated for the Karen L. Anderson Memorial Award for Excellence in Graphic Design. I acquired the 39th Annual UCDA Design Competition Award as well as the NACA Mid-Atlantic Regional Award.

Shortly after Graduating from Kutztown University and about the time my parents told me enough was enough and I could no longer be a professional student, I landed my first gig as an Art Director at Hanlon Creative where I currently produce designs across all facets of advertisement.

Away from the desk, I am your typical design geek. I constantly analyze and look for ways to improve and advance the world of advertising. Besides that, I am a music nut and like to think I have the potential to become the next Jimi Hendrix. I am also a huge outdoorsmen looking for anything and anywhere to explore with the hopes of discovering a lost civilization, or a means to explore my fascination with outer space. When I am not playing explorer, I am enjoying a good old classic video game or behind the lens taking photos of just about anything that captures, pun intended, my interest.

Since you now know everything about me, check out my portfolio and take pleasure in the pool of ideas, styles, and artistic outpourings. Enjoy!